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European Yellow Perch

Species: (Perca fluviatilis)

John O Foods is proud to offer wild-caught lakefish from the cold, clean waters of Northern Europe to their North American customers.

LENGTH: 8”-12” in length

DISTRIBUTION:  Northern Europe

BRAND: John O Foods’ StoneyBrand


Perch Splits, Skin-on: 10-20g (23-45 pc/lb) ; 20-40g (11-23 pc/lb) ;

40-60g (7-11 pc/lb) ;  Butterfly: 50-70g ( 6-9 pc/lb)

Our European Lakefish Program, supplying Pikeperch/Zander and Yellow Perch offers the following:

CONSISTENT AVAILABILITY: You can depend upon our IQF inventory of prime fillet sizes.

CONSISTENT QUALITY: Our on-site European staff ensure that our discriminating food safety, quality and product specification standards are maintained in every case.

CONSISTENT SUPERIOR VALUE: We are able to minimize erratic pricing by translating material requirement projections (MRP’s) into IQF inventory, offering superior products at a fair price.


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